2 Weeks in Guatemala: Perfect Itinerary for Solo Backpackers

Nestled in Central America, Guatemala is a hidden gem that is rapidly gaining popularity among backpackers. Immerse yourself in captivating landscapes, ancient ruins, and a thriving cultural heritage.

In this 2 weeks in Guatemala itinerary, created specifically for solo travelers, I’ll cover it all to ensure you make the most of your time in this remarkable country. Discover the secrets of Mayan ruins, find tranquility in peaceful lakes, and embark on epic activities like camping on the mighty Acatenango volcano. Guatemala offers a truly unique and unforgettable experience. 

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a fruit shop in a colonial town of guatemala
2 Weeks in Guatemala

About this 2-week Guatemala itinerary

Even though Guatemala offers incredible experiences, they’re also scattered all around the country with large distances between them. Therefore some days on this itinerary are full travel days consisting of 10+ hours in a bus.

Traveling has its good parts, but it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. Days like this are part of the journey so try to embrace them and take them as a chance to catch up on your favorite podcast show or connect with fellow travelers.

I traveled to Guatemala myself for little less than a month and I stayed a bit longer in every place that’s mentioned in this two weeks in Guatemala itinerary.

2 weeks in guatemala map route

Day 1 – 5: Antigua

Imagine enchanting streets lined by colorful colonial houses, goodhearted locals, cozy coffee shops, and exquisite volcano views.

The colonial town of Antigua is Guatemala’s most popular spot for backpackers and digital nomads. It’s the perfect place to start your 2 weeks in Guatemala and base yourself on exploring all the best the area has to offer. From volcano hikes to charming bustling squares and epic viewpoints.

colorful houses in streets of antigua

Parque Central

You’ve probably already stumbled across Antigua’s main square when arriving in the city. As the town’s central point, locals gather here during the day to sell their crafts and hand-made souvenirs or basically to chat about the day’s gossip.

Surrounded by beautiful colonial structures, the plaza is the perfect spot to relax on a bench in the morning or late afternoon.

Avoid hanging out at the plaza after dark as lots of homeless people hang around there.

central parc in antigua filled with locals and seller
traditionally guatemalan young girl hanging out in a parc

Trying Guatemalan Coffee

Guatemala was Central America’s top coffee producer until the beginning of the 21st century. Throughout town, you’ll find many coffee shops selling their own locally-produced coffee, so the perfect opportunity to try it! During your 4 days in Antigua make sure to try the following cafes:

  • Unión Café
  • Cafe Boheme
  • Fat Cat Coffee House
  • Cafe Sol

Acatenango Volcano Hike

Guatemala is the home of volcanoes, so hiking one can’t miss during your 2 weeks in Guatemala.

Hiking the Acatenango Volcano is the absolute highlight of Antigua and even Guatemala (if you ask me). Watching the lava eruptions of Fuego volcano with new friends, while roasting marshmallows over the campfire, after hiking all day, is a core memory made.

It’s a two-day tour guiding you all the way up to basecamp where you’ll catch a few hours of sleep before heading to the summit early next morning. Honestly, a trip to Antigua isn’t complete without doing this overnight volcano hike.

erupting volcano with lava at night acatenango volcano
girl on top of guatemalan volcano during sunrise

The reason you’re spending 5 nights in Antigua is because 1 of them is on the volcano and you definitely need a good rest the day after. But to be fair, I spent over a week in total in Antigua as I adored this city, and could easily stay for longer!

I highly recommend booking the Acatenango Overnight Hike with Soy Tours as they have kind knowledgeable guides, amazing food & affordable.

sunrise with erupting fuego volcano

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Mirador de la Cruz

Treat yourself to a panoramic view over Antigua and a spectacular sight of Volcan de Agua. It’s a short 15-minute walk from the center to reach the starting point of the hike. The hike up is easy and doable for each condition. Even though the site is a bit under construction, you can still manage to find yourself a good viewpoint a bit further up.

girl on viewpoint with views on volcan de agua in antigua

Arco de Santa Catalina

Arco de Santa Catalina is the most iconic landmark of Antigua with an immaculate sight of Volcan de Agua popping up behind the arch. Built-in the 17th century, the arch was originally built for nuns to pass between the two buildings without needing to go outside. 

Head to the arch early in the morning as it’s very popular among visitors and therefore very busy after 10 am. 

a colorful street in the colonial town called Antigua in Guatemala

Hike Pacaya Volcano

The Acantenango Volcano hike can be a tough one and may not be suitable for everyone. Luckily for those wanting to skip Acantenango, there are other very good alternatives, like Pacaya Volcano.

With this tour to Pacaya Volcano, you can still have the experience of hiking up a volcano but it will only take a few hours. And the best part? You can eat pizza (!!) cooked on the hot rocks of the volcano!

Where to stay in Antigua

Being a backpacker’s favorite, amazing hostels are scattered around town with reasonable prices fitting everyone’s needs. Next to hostels, there are of course good guesthouse options or Airbnb perfect for digital nomads wanting to stay longer in Antigua or looking for more privacy.

Maya Papaya

I stayed in a few different hostels during my time in Antigua, but Maya Papaya has to be my ultimate favorite! The hostel offers very comfortable beds, and a large kitchen to cook and it feels like you’re walking into someone’s home with cozy sofas and a relaxing atmosphere.

Maya Papaya is very popular and therefore often fully booked so make sure to book in advance.

colonial town in guatemala
Hostel Recommendation:

Maya Papaya Hostel
Antigua, Guatemala
Book Here!

Adra Hostel

One of the newer hostels in town, Adra Hostel has a beautiful setting with a small courtyard where you can sit around the fire and a stunning rooftop with places to relax and watch the surrounding volcanoes.

The hostel has a perfect location, only a 2-minute walk from Parque Central, includes a good breakfast, and has a chill vibe to it! There’s no kitchen to cook, so for those traveling on a budget and wanting to cook often, you may want to opt for Maya Papaya.

Both of the above hostels aren’t party hostels, but are still super social to meet fellow travelers, which is always the vibe I’m looking for when picking hostels!

rooftop of adra hostel in antigua guatemala with volcano views
dorm in hostel

How to get from Guatemala City Airport to Antigua

Most people will enter the country through Guatemala City International Airport. I don’t recommend staying the night in the capital but travel directly to Antigua.

This can be done by bus, private transport, or Uber. I arrived in the late afternoon so I decided to get myself an Uber which cost me €25.

If you will be arriving during the night, I suggest you arrange a pick-up through your hostel or hotel. Buses drive frequently throughout the day and you can check the bus schedule here.

The ride takes about 1 hour, however if you’re unlucky with traffic it can easily become 2 hours.

Before leaving the airport, get yourself a sim card from Claro. A local sim card is essential to stay connected, especially while traveling solo.

uber in guatemala how to get around

Day 6 – 9: Lake Atitlán

After your time in Antigua, travel further towards one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Lake Atitlán thanks his title to the surrounding volcano peaks creating immaculate views.

Around the lake, you’ll find 12 villages inhabited by the Mayan people with each one its own charm. Many come here to work on their Spanish skills in the schools or simply to slow down and wander around the villages.

sunrise at a lake in guatemala on 3 week itinerary

Explore the towns of Lake Atitlán

San Juan

The most colorful out of each one of these, this small village located on the western side of the lake is the perfect place to visit on a morning or afternoon. Walk through the beautifully decorated street, admire talented street art or buy some hand-made souvenirs to bring home.

colorful streetart in san juan, lake atitlan

San Pedro

If you’re coming to Lake Atitlán to work on your Spanish skills, this is the village to base yourself in. San Pedro is by far one of the liveliest villages with lots of shops, restaurants, and parties.

San Marcos

The village of San Marcos is a unique and spiritually rich town. As you stroll through the streets, you will come across numerous flyers advertising healing ceremonies and various retreats. This is the perfect place to attend yoga or meditation classes while enjoying the breathtaking views of the lake.

However, if yoga is not your thing, no need to worry as San Marcos has something for everyone. Just a short walk from the town center, you can explore the ‘Cerro Tzankujil Nature Reserve’ and experience the thrill of jumping from the 12-meter high platform.

Entrance to the Nature Reserve is Q15 (€1,75) per person.

street in small village with many shops
mountain around lake atitlan

Hike the Indian Nose

For the adventurers among us, hiking the Indian Nose is the most thrilling adventure in the area.

It’s a sunrise tour, offered by many tour operators in San Pedro. Within only 30 minutes you’ll hike to the top, where you’ll get rewarded with an insane view over the lake and the surrounding volcanoes.

view on active volcano around lake atitlan during sunrise hike

Atitlán Natural Reserve

Located right outside the center of Panajachel, the natural reserve surprised me by its beauty. There are beautiful walkways created in the natural reserve, together with epic hanging bridges and hidden waterfalls to be found.

Keep your eyes open as wildlife often show their faces, like spider monkeys and coatis.

Entrance Fee: Q80 (€10) per adult

monkey hanging in tree in jungle of guatemala
girl in front of waterfall in nature reserve at lake atitlan guatemala
hanging bridge in nature reserve at lake atitlan


Finding yourself at Lake Atitlan on a Sunday, head off to the Chichicastenango market which is held every Sunday.

This huge market has grown to be one of Central America’s most known markets. Head off there on your own or explore Chichicastenango on a tour, which you can find all across Lake Atitlán. 

Lots of tour operators in San Pedro also offer just transport to the market so you can still explore independently, with the conveniences of a tour.

Where to stay around Lake Atitlán

Because I did a week of Spanish Lessons at Lake Atitlán that included a homestay with a local family, I didn’t spend much time at hostels. I do however spend 2 nights at Free Cerveza hostel (and yes, there’s free beer ;)).

Free Cerveza is located on the shores of Lake Atitlán, close to the small village of Santa Cruz. The hostel offers a unique glamping experience, family dinners (here’s where the free beer comes in), and daily activities.

It’s one of the best hostels to stay for solo travelers who are looking for a social vibe to meet other travelers, relax, or explore the nearby towns.

free cerveza hostel with tents and volcano views
Hostel Recommendation:

Free Cerveza Hostel
Lake Atitlán, Guatemala
Book Here!

How to get to Lake Atitlán from Antigua 🚌

The ride from Antigua to Lake Atitlán takes ‘only’ 4 hours by tourist shuttle and should cost you somewhere around Q100 (€11).

Depending on your accommodation you can take a shuttle to Panajachel and take a lancha to your hostel from the dock or take a shuttle straight to other available villages.

Day 10: Lake Atitlán to Lanquín 🚌

I’m going to be very direct with you (how Dutch of me, right), but getting to Lanquín is hell. Due to its remoteness, it takes a full travel day to get to Lanquín.

Although the direct route offered by tourist shuttles is comfortable, with stops for bathroom breaks and food and drinks.

As for me, I took a 4-hour shuttle back to Antigua first that left from San Pedro and took a night shuttle from there to Lanquín that took me another 7 hours. The broken backpacker in me thought this was a good idea to save on accommodation.

I really don’t recommend this route as the shuttle from San Pedro went all around the lake first to reach Antigua. My pick-up to Lanquín was only at midnight so I needed to hang around Antigua until then, luckily Maya Papaya let me stay there for the day (big love). Of course, I knew where I signed up for but the arrival at 7 AM really isn’t enjoyable as you probably need to wait until 2 PM to check in with barely to no sleep. 😉

So please, take a direct shuttle (around 12 hours) to Lanquín leaving from Panajachel at Lake Atitlán.

Tourist Shuttle Price: around Q310 (€35)

shuttle bus in guatemala

Day 11: Lanquín / Semuc Champey

Tucked away in deep in the jungle, in the northern part of Guatemala, there’s a small village named Lanquín. But the town itself isn’t the reason people head all this way here. We’re only staying in Lanquín for 2 nights as you do everything Lanquín has to offer in 1 full day.

Visiting Semuc Champey

Imagine a limestone bridge deep in the Guatemalan jungle, with on top of it a series of turquoise pools surrounded by gorgeous nature. The beauty of Semuc Champey is outstanding and a true highlight on your 2 weeks in Guatemala itinerary.

Visit the pools on a tour organized by your hostel that not only includes a visit to the pools but also river tubing (which is hella fun!) and a tour through the caves. Make sure to hike up the viewpoint to have this amazing view over the pools!

Semuc Champey Complete Day-Tour Price: between Q200 – Q250 (€25-€30)

colombia 3 week itinerary

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view on turqouise pools of semuc champey surrounded with jungle and mountains
waterfall with lush jungle and turqouise waters

Where to stay in Lanquín

Personally, I think there are 2 options where you can’t go wrong for your stay in Lanquín. I stayed 2 nights in Hostal Vista Verde, which is fairly new and very cheap. Overall the hostel is pretty basic, with an on-site restaurant and a big bonus is definitely the pool overlooking the lush green valley.

The other one is the highly popular Zephyr Lodge. During high season this hostel can be a bit more expensive than you’re used to in Guatemala. 

Both these hostels offer daily tours to Semuc Champey!

Day 12: Lanquín to Flores 🚌

Many people say that this route takes 8 hours, but in my case, the shuttle I took took 12 hours. This is precisely why I’ve included full travel days in this itinerary, as transportation times can often be much longer than anticipated due to various circumstances.

Tourist Shuttle Price: Q225 (€26)

Day 13 – 14: Flores

Welcome to the most colorful peninsula in the northern out corner of Guatemala in the Petén Province. Flores is the perfect ending to your 2 weeks in Guatemala, and the best place to base yourself to visit nearby Tikal. 

Explore the colorful streets

Flores is incredibly colorful and as it’s pretty tiny, a walk along the island won’t take you along. Bring your camera or your new travel friends and get lost in the cobblestone-paved alleys. Make sure to grab some breakfast at ‘Maracuyá’ and try their amazing smoothie bowls or lemonades! 

colorful street in colonial old town of guatemala

Tikal National Park

A trip to Guatemala isn’t complete without a visit to Tikal. Tikal National Park is one of the largest ancient sites of the Maya Civilization hidden deep down in the Guatemalan jungle.

It’s one of the best places to learn about the Mayan people and culture. With an area of almost 600m2, there’s so much more to see than ruins. Lots of wildlife like monkeys, coatis, and tucans can be spotted here, and apparently, even jaguars inhabit Tikal but are rarely seen by visitors.

You can visit Tikal on your own, but to get the best experience, I recommend booking a tour with your hostel.

Check out all tours to Tikal from Flores here!

girl in front of mayan temple in tikal national park
wildlife in tikal national park

Renting Kayaks

I highly recommend renting kayaks during your time in Flores and exploring the Lake Petén Itza. Scenic views and the surrounding lush rainforest create an epic experience.

Full day Kayak or Sup: Q70

Kanoe for 2p: Q100

Jorge’s Rope Swing

Whether you’re renting a kayak or not, a stop at stop at Jorge’s Rope Swing is worthwhile. Hop on a lancha (a small boat in Guatemala) and head off to the other side of the lake.

Visit Don Jorge’s family at Jorge’s Rope Swing, which is the perfect spot to relax in the afternoon, challenge your inner Tarzan, and swing into the water or jump from the 6-meter-high platform!

kayak on lake in flores
green jungle around lake in flores guatemala

Where to stay in Flores

For all backpackers, Los Amigos Hostel truly is the place to be! This hostel is one of the nicest I’ve stayed at in Guatemala with comfortable beds, super clean and hotel-like bathrooms, a garden with hammocks, a fully-equipped kitchen, and a soundproof bar in the back of the hostel. 

dorm in hostel
Hostel Recommendation:

Los Amigos Hostel
Flores, Guatemala
Book Here!

More time? 3 weeks in Guatemala

If you have some more time in Guatemala, I recommend taking the above-mentioned itinerary at a slower pace. I would suggest adding one night in Lanquín to relax and take in the surroundings, as it takes so much time to get there.

Use the rest of the extra days to stay longer in certain places or add the following place to your Guatemala itinerary.

El Paredon

The surfing paradise for backpackers in Guatemala. There is a list of amazing social hostels along the coast in El Paredon to meet fellow travelers and spend your days at the beach, surfing, partying, or relaxing at the pool.

As I already planned lots of beach time in the following week in Guatemala, I decided to skip El Paredon and spend more time in Antigua.

4 weeks in Guatemala

1 week of Spanish School

You can easily travel around Central America with very basic Spanish knowledge. However, if you really want to immerse into the culture, speaking to locals is crucial and most people in Guatemala speak little English.

Guatemala is the perfect place to take some Spanish Classes, which is very popular among travelers as it’s relatively cheap! One of the most popular places in the country is San Pedro (Lake Atitlán) where various schools are located or in Antigua.

view of local house with views over lake and mountains

How to get around Guatemala

Chicken Busses

The local way to get around Guatemala is by chicken bus, which are old school buses. I haven’t tried the chicken busses myself, mostly because the routes I took were quite long and I preferred some comfort. Plus, the hustle of changing multiple times and having to be alert consistently wasn’t worth saving that money.

a chicken bus in guatemala

Tourist Shuttles

Traveling through Guatemala by tourist shuttle is by far the most convenient and easiest way. As a solo female traveler, I always look for the safest way to travel around, and I felt that the tourist shuttles were the best option for me.

Most of my shuttles were booked through the same agency. They respond super quickly and are very reliable.

You can contact Ita & Mati on WhatsApp: +502 3974 2484.

Prices vary around Q100 and Q500 depending on the route. Costs may change over time, so make sure to send them a message asking for the current prices.

Long Travel Days

Guatemala is a huge country and lots of places are scattered around, that why traveling from place to place can take up to 12 hours. Some days on this 2 week itinerary you’ll be spending hours upon hours in a bus.

Be prepared for this and bring enough snacks and drinks for the road. Luckily, most tourist shuttles stop a few times, especially on the long ones.

Personally, I kinda loved these travel days as the tourist shuttles are comfortable and the landscapes along the way are stunning.

Long Travel Day Tip: pre-download lots(!) of podcast episodes, your favorite Netflix show, or some good Spotify lists.

shuttle service in guatemala itinerary
sign in hostel with quote

How to get to Guatemala

By Airplane

Coming from your hometown, you’ll most likely enter Guatemala through Guatemala City. The airport is located an hour away from Antigua and you can take a bus, Uber, or private transport to your accommodation.

By land from neighboring countries

Many travelers pass through Guatemala on a larger backpacking trip through Central America. Travelers come in from every corner, like the neighboring Mexico, Belize, El Salvador or Honduras. Shuttles services cover all these routes, so need to stress about lots of transfers.

yellow arch overheading street with volcano in background

Best time to visit Guatemala

As a country with lots of altitude differences, the temperatures could vary a lot from place to place but are comfortable basically year-round.

Rain occurs frequently from May to October, so it’s best to avoid these months as rain can make certain activities less pleasant.

Overall the best time to visit Guatemala is between November and April, this is seen as the dry season. For activities like hiking the Acatenango good visibility is necessary so visiting in these months, gives you the best chances to good conditions.

Budget for 2 weeks in Guatemala

Guatemala isn’t the most affordable country in Central America. However, without doing some crazy things, a daily backpacker budget of €35/€40 is definitely doable.

  • Dorm in Hostel: from €7 to €20 per night. The mentioned hostels have an average of €13,40 per night over 2 weeks.
  • Transport: €2 to €50. Shuttle prices vary a lot depending on the distance. All the shuttles in this itinerary have a total of €97 (including Uber from Guatemala City Airport to Antigua), which is €6,90 per day (14 days).
  • Local Meal: €1,50 to €5. To stay on a budget, eating at local food stands or restaurants is a must. Some dishes in international (touristic) restaurants can go up to €15 whereas you can have a local dinner for €5.
  • Activities: free to €50+. Your daily budget also depends a lot on the activities you want to do. Some are totally free or only require an entrance fee of €1,50 whereas the overnight Acatenango Volcano Hike can cost €50+. All activities in this blog post have a total of €160 per person, which is €11 per day over 14 days.

Daily Budget with this 2-week Guatemala Itinerary (excluding food): €31,30. This includes all activities listed, also the Acatenango Hike, day-tour to Tikal and Semuc Champey. When eating local food or cooking in your hostel, you can easily keep your budget under €40.

erupting fuego volcano during acatenango volcano hike

Best Places to Eat in Guatemala

  • Pita Sabij, San Pedro – Middle-Eastern food
  • Los Tres Tiempos, Antigua – Guatemalan food
  • Forbidden Fruit, San Pedro – smoothie bowls
  • Maracuyá, Flores – healthy breakfast & lunch
  • Tornado’s Coffee – best coffee at Lake Atitlán!
  • Unión Cafe, Antigua – healthy food & coffee
coffee in small coffee shop
healthy vegetable bowl in vegetarian restaurant in antigua guatemala

Things to take care of at home


Most people don’t need a Visa to travel to Guatemala, for example, the EU, the UK & the US. Over 83 nationalities belong to Categorie A which means you’ll get a visa stamp upon arrival and are allowed to stay 90 days. You can check iVisa.com to find out if you need a visa.

Onward Ticket

When entering Guatemala, you must show proof out of the country. For people who bought a return ticket, this is nothing to think about. However, for those only planning a few days ahead, this may be a problem.

Airlines like Copa Airlines (the one I used), allow you to make a flight reservation without paying for 24 hours. This is an actual ticket and is valid as an onward ticket. If you don’t pay they automatically cancel your flight after 24 hours or you can cancel the flight yourself once you’ve landed in Guatemala.


If you’re planning a trip to Guatemala, it’s important to visit your doctor or a travel doctor beforehand to ensure that you have all the necessary vaccinations. Hepatitis A + B and Rabies are recommended vaccinations for Guatemala, as they are for many countries in Central America. In addition, make sure that your routine vaccinations for DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, and polio) are up-to-date as well.

Travel Credit Card

Using a travel credit card allows you to withdraw money from the ATM without any fees. Not only is this a must during your Guatemala 2-week itinerary, but for all your travels around the world! I’ve been using my Wise card for over a year and it has saved me so much money on fees already!

Travel tip: Get yourself an essential FREE Travel Card from Wise to avoid ATM fees abroad!

colorful street with streetart in tiny village at lake atitlan w

Safety in Guatemala

Not only if you’re a solo traveler, but your safety is always your number one priority. I’ve traveled for almost a month through Guatemala as a solo female traveler and never actually felt unsafe. Here a few general safety tips:

1. I would suggest avoiding Guatemala City completely and traveling directly from the airport to Antigua due to safety reasons.

2. For transport throughout the country, I recommend using a shuttle service organized through your hostel.

3. Try to avoid walking alone at night. I did walk alone a few times at night in Antigua, as my hostel was always super close and never felt unsafe.

4. Never go out with lots of cash on you, leave as much as possible in a locker in your hostel.

5. Don’t hike between the villages at Lake Atitlán.

Current Update (Dec 2023):

Since the beginning of October 2023, there have been demonstrations throughout the country. The presidential transition is scheduled for January 2024, potentially causing more demonstrations, especially in Guatemala City. It’s important for you to keep an eye on any updates on your government’s website if you’re planning a trip to Guatemala during these months.


Is 2 weeks enough for Guatemala?

Guatemala is a big country; getting from place to place may require long travel days. 2 weeks in Guatemala is enough to see the places on this list, but to truly get to know Guatemala and indulge yourself in the culture you need some more time.

For that reason, if you have more time to explore Guatemala, I would say that 3 or even 4 weeks is perfect to explore all the destinations on this list at a relaxing pace.

What is the best month to visit Guatemala?

The best time to visit Guatemala is between November and April, which is seen as the country’s dry season. Time around the holidays is known for higher prices and the need to book lots of things in advance.

I’ve visited Guatemala in January and I think it’s one of the best months to visit the country. Visiting in shoulder seasons like the months of November and March is always a good option to save money and beat the high-season crowds.

How much money do you need for a week in Guatemala?

On a backpacker’s budget, you should count on a daily budget of €40 per person (even though €35 is also reachable). This is €280 per week.

If you’re staying in private accommodation or eating out more often, think around a daily budget of €55/€60 (around €400 per week).


Guatemala is one of my favorite countries to date and I hope to have inspired you to travel there as well soon! Like any other itinerary on my blog, use this 2 week Guatemala itinerary as inspiration and guidance to create your own epic trip.

If you’ve used any of my tips in this blog post or have any other questions regarding Guatemala, I’d love to hear them in the comments! 💛 

Plan Your Trip to Guatemala

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