Beaches in Milos: The Best 8 for Summer 2023

The beaches in Milos are well-known to be the most exotic ones in all of Greece. And rightly so, they’re among one of the best in Europe and still a gem that’s fairly new among travelers. From the adventurous Tsigrado Beach and moonlike, world-famous Sarakiniko to relaxing sand beaches like Firiplaka Beach and Firopotamos Beach.

Each of these beaches in Milos has its own charm and character. I will include how to reach all the best beaches of Milos and things to know before visiting!

beaches in milos

Beaches in Milos on a Map

Before I’m beginning to spill all the goods about the best beaches in Milos, here’s a map of the whole island to give you an idea of where everything is located. All the beaches in Milos I’m going to mention in this blog post are added to this Google Maps location map! Through this link, you can download it and review always when you decide to hop on that plane to Milos.

beaches in milos map

#1 Tsigrado Beach – My favorite among the beaches in Milos

Tsigrado Beach is beyond the most beautiful beach I’ve visited on the island of Milos. Next to that, it’s also the most adventurous one on the list. It’s located on the south side of the island of Milos and to reach Tsigrado Beach, it’s an adventure on its own.

On the top of the cliff, there’s a small parking spot for your car or scooter. From there you can walk to the point where you have to abseil 2 ladders and a robe. Watch your step as it could be a bit tricky to get down on the beach. The waters here are among one of the clearest I’ve seen in the whole of Europe.

Update Tsigrado Beach: the ladder has been restored so you don’t have to jump down the last few meters.

Travel tip: bring all the necessities like water, snacks and a hat as there are no facilities.

raw beach blue water

#2 Firopotamos Beach in Milos, Greece

Firopotamos Beach is one of the nicest sandy beaches among the beaches in Milos and is surrounded by greenery. You’ll find this beach on the island’s north side in the old, picturesque Fisherman’s town of Firopotamos.

The town is easily reachable by car however, you have more success finding a parking spot with a scooter or ATV. Make sure to bring drinks and snacks as there are no facilities. When heading to Firopotamos beach don’t forget to visit the small village too as it’s charming and photogenic. Next to the crystal clear waters, Firopotamos is home to many old fishermen’s houses in various colors which some are even rented out as Airbnb’s.

firopotamos beach mikos

#3 Mandrakia Beach

The most peaceful among the best beaches in Milos

Not an actual beach but more a dock in the small fishermen’s village of Mandrakia. We spend the full afternoon here as it was very relaxing and peaceful. On top of that, we were the only ones enjoying this place.

Park your car or scooter on the left side once you drive into town. Before you take a dip into the refreshing water, grab some fresh seafood at Medusa restaurant (or a Greek salad if you’re veggie like me ;)) and stroll around this tiny village.

Don’t forget your camera as there are many beautiful photo spots in and around Mandrakia.

mandrakia beach milos
mandrakia beach ocean

#4 Sarakiniko Beach

By far the most popular and extraordinary one of the beaches in Milos. Sarakiniko Beach has a very unique and moonlike landscape like no other. Visit Sarakiniko Beach as early as possible as it gets very hot at noon and there’s basically no shadow. At the entrance, you will find a small food stand to buy some drinks and snacks, but make sure to bring something from home.

Travel tip: both sunrise and sunset are absolutely magical at Sarakiniko, try one of the two during your time in Milos, Greece.

sarakiniko beach in milos

#5 Firiplaka Beach, Milos

Located only a few minutes away from Tsigrado Beach, Firiplaka is the perfect beach to spend an afternoon relaxing, swimming, having some drinks or snacks, and cooling off!

It’s a popular place for families as it’s easily accessible by car, has quiet and shallow waters, and has a small bar to buy some drinks. For people wanting some more comfort and shadow, there are beach beds available to rent with umbrellas.

parafliki beach

#6 Alogomandra Beach

On our first day, we took our scooter and started to explore the island a bit until we came across Alogomandra Beach. We happened to be one of the only people here and it was the perfect spot for a morning dip and couldn’t resist snapping away some pictures with the surrounding cliffs.

There’s no official parking lot for tourists, but you can randomly park your car at the side of the road.

alogomandra beach milos
beaches of milos

#7 Papafragas Beach and Caves

This beach is not your average beach. In fact, Papafragas Beach is a small complex that consists of a beach and multiple caves and viewpoints. Because of the immense limestone cliffs that surround the blue waters, you can admire dramatic views from above.

However, this beach in Milos is only for the adventurers among us. At Papafragas Beach, it’s a bit tricky to reach the part where there’s a small stroke of sand to lie down. Along the cliffside, there’s a natural ladder and some robes to hold onto. For that reason, we decided to take the swimming elsewhere. That doesn’t take away the beauty and it’s one of the most impressive sites on the island. Worthwhile a quick stopover on beach hopping day through Milos!

beach cliffs paddleboat

#8 Kleftiko Beach

Once said to be the hiding place of pirates, is now one of the most magical beaches of Milos and actually not an actual beach. Kleftiko Beach is a site full of spectacular rock formations popping out of the ocean and is the only one on this list that’s unable to visit by land as there are no roads leading to Kleftiko. In fact, the only way possible is by boat.

Boats are leaving regularly from the dock in Adamanantas to Kleftiko and back. Alternatively, book a half-day or full-day boat tour to many more places around the island. We loved our full-day tour with Aquatta Yachts, their staff was amazing, with really good (vegetarian) food and magical swimming + snorkeling spots!

viator recommendation

Explore all the tours in Milos with Viator here!


How to get around while visiting the beaches in Milos

The best way to visit these best beaches in Milos, Greece is by scooter or ATV. Both of these are easily parked everywhere and more accessible in certain places compared to a car.

Since my visit to Milos in 2021, the bus schedule appears to be improved. Most touristy places throughout the island and also at most above-mentioned beaches have a bus stop. Here you find the time table for the buses in Milos. I haven’t tried out the public transport on the island, so if you have so – let me know your opinion on these buses in the comments!

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Best time to visit the beaches in Milos

As well as the beaches in Milos as the other best things to do on the island are done in shoulder season. In May-June and September, the weather is still pleasant enough the swim in the ocean and you won’t find large crowds.

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